Raising Awareness Internationally for WPC 2019

Our goal is to have 10,000 cranes representing the people of Parkinson’s and their WORDS OF HOPE from multiple countries and make an impact to raise awareness internationally. 

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* 1. What is your NAME?

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* 2. Where are you from (CITY, STATE, COUNTY)?

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* 3. What is your email address?

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* 4. Please provide your WORDS OF HOPE :

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* 5. If you would like to help, please let us know know how you can get involved (communicating to others, helping to gather messages of hope from others, folding origami cranes, donating, or other special gifts that you may have and want to share)

•  Donate to help cover material and shipping costs
•  Get the word out
•  Share the link
•  Give us your Words of Hope, name and location
•  Give us the Words of Hope, name and location for others in your community or ask them to provide us with the information (note, we can call you if needed – just provide us with the number)

CONTACT INFORMATION:  SoaringWithHope@gmail.com


In the Japanese tradition, 1000 is the common number of cranes for hope and health.

WPC World Parkinson Congress: More than 3000+ people from 60+ countries attend the WPC which is held every three years. The next one is in Kyoto Japan, June 2019.

We plan to bring the 'Soaring With Hope' project to the WPC.