Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres

Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres (OEYCFCs) will be places for children up to the age of six and their parents and caregivers to take part in programs and activities together. Parents and caregivers can also get information about their children's development and about services to support that development. As with the current Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYCs), programs and services will be FREE to all parents and caregivers of young children. 

The Ontario government wants to make sure young families have access to the best services, no matter where they live. The District of Timiskaming Social Services Administration Board is leading the planning for service updates and the creation of the OEYCFCs in the Timiskaming District. Please provide us with your thoughts.

*Please note that this survey doesn’t include specific questions about services for Indigenous families because there is a parallel Indigenous planning process, known as Journey Together, underway at the same time.

* 1. What elements are important to consider in selecting the location of future OEYCFCs? Check all that apply.

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