Mumsnet Unofficial Toy shop review - High Street Warriors edition

The aim of this survey is to collect comparable information about the extent to which different toy retailers divide their toys into categories for boys and girls.

The main focus is on retailers in the UK and Ireland. If the store you review is somewhere else we won't include it in the statistical analysis, but we could use it for a comparison.

Please visit your local shops selling toys (specialist retailers, supermarkets, department stores etc...) and fill in one survey per retailer.

These questions are about the store layout. There is a separate survey about the web/ catalogue.

Feel free to write any notable examples and observations (good or bad) in the comment boxes, and take photos if you want. You can down load a simple printable version of this survey here and then come back and enter the information online when you get back from the shops.

Thanks for taking part. Results and discussion of next steps will be posted on the MN FWR board.

* 2. Where was it? (Town, County, Country - if not UK)

* 3. Of the statements below which one best matches your perception of the way the toys are displayed in store?

* 4. If you identified sections for boys and girls in the question above, how could you tell? (tick as many answers as apply)

* 6. What is your MN nickname?

* 7. Any other comments? (also you can link to any photos you took here - or post them on MN)