1. Clyde River Community Site

We launched the Clyde River site last December, and already we have received over 6000 visits. We want to develop it further by expanding on features and pages, creating an editorial strategy and inviting contribution to the site from residents of the community. The following survey outlines some of the ideas we are considering. We would like your feedback and further ideas for making it a great community site.

Instructions for completing survey:
For questions 1 & 2, please click your cursor on your preferred answer for each line item.
For the text boxes provided, please position cursor within box and start typing. There is no limitation on the amount of copy you can write in the text boxes.

When you are finished, just click on "next" and then click "done".
Please invite others you know in the community to complete this survey by emailing this survey URL: http://bit.ly/clyderiverwebsitesurvey or send them the link to the website article. We welcome feedback from those outside the community also who are fans of the site.

If you have any specific questions regarding this survey, please contact Emily Bryant (eabryant@hotmail.com) or Bruce Brine (clyderiver.cic@pei.sympatico.ca)

* 1. We want to make sure as we expand our site that we maintain the elements of the site that you enjoy so far. Please let us know what you like about the current site?

* 2. We would like to include some regular features on the Clyde River site. What is your level of interest in the following ideas?

  Not interested Some interest High interest
Community Events
Community Newsletter
Residents in the news
Interpretive tours (videos/photos)
Birth announcements
Memorial profiles
Local business stories/profiles
News from Away (former residents)
New Residents' introductions
Clyde River Trivia Questions/Contests

* 3. We would like to create themed photo/video galleries. Please let us know your level of interest in the following types of gallery suggestions.

  Not interested Some interest High interest
Historical Photos or videos
My View of the River
Life in the Community
Community Events
Points of Interest (e.g. Murchison Park)
Architecture of Buildings

* 4. We want to increase traffic to the site. Could you suggest websites with connections to Clyde River that we should contact to request that they feature our link on their site.

* 5. We need contributors to the site in terms of finding story ideas, researching/submitting stories, photos, photo enhancing and editing articles. Would you like to contribute? What type of contribution would you like to make?

* 6. For Clyde River residents: We are planning to hold a workshop to educate our residents more about how our site can be used to connect our community online. Would you like to attend? If so, what is your specific interest that you would like to see covered in the workshop?

* 7. We want to build our community contacts database, so we ask that you please include your contact details below. If you do not live in Clyde River, we are also interested to know where our site visitors are from. We promise to respect the privacy of your information. You would receive emails from time to time on information related to the website. You would be able to unsubscribe at any time.

* 8. Do you have any general comments in relation to building Clyde River's online presence?