The mission of Living Independence for Everyone (LIFE), Inc. is to promote independent living and advance community change for EVERYONE.  We have been providing quality services to people living in 11 counties in SE Georgia for 30 years. 
One of the major hurdles we face today is transportation.  Georgia Legislator, Al Williams, wants YOUR input regarding what’s working and what isn’t with our transportation system.

Please take some time to share your concerns, new ideas and possible solutions regarding our current  transportation system.

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference!

* 1. Have you had issues with the on-time arrival or departure of your public transportation?

* 2. How reliable is your method of public transportation? (Do you make it to your destination without mechanical failures?)

* 3. Is your public transportation affordable?

* 4. How can the scheduling process be improved?

* 5. Is public transportation available for all of the locations you need to go?

* 6. What county do you live in?

* 7. If you would like to be contacted, please provide the following information:

Thank you again for taking the time to take our survey!  Our goal is to improve transportation services by providing valuable input from those who use it.