Client Quarterly DST Performance Evaluation

Deskside Support Technicians (DSTS) work directly with end users to provide excellent customer service and technical support. Under the direction and guidance of the IT Services Manager and as assigned by the DST supervisor onsite, the DST is responsible for providing local office support services, including troubleshooting end-user computer problems, installation, configuration, and break/fix management of the end-user computing devices, and assisting the ITSM and the remote TNB support team in delivering services.

TNB provides a full complement of support resources, including career development and training to ensure that the DST acquires new knowledge and skills in a broad range of IT technologies.

DST services include:
Personalized support and service for applications, desktops, laptops, printers, and other devicessuch as tablets, smartphones, etc.
Diagnosing and troubleshooting problems, advising on appropriate actions, and resolving issues.
Handling service requests for technical assistance in person onsite for the client organization, viaphone, and via email.
Following and maintaining TNB helpdesk procedures as well as the client organization’sprocedures as assigned.
Routing issues to appropriate resources when necessary. This includes escalating work to the ITServices Manager and other resources at TNB.
Documentation of work with accurate time accounting consistently performed in real time.
Operating and maintaining the client organization’s equipment.
Knowledge of the client organization’s relevant policies and procedures.

* 1. The DST provides direct, hands-on, high-touch support that leads to continuously high levels of customer satisfaction. The DST receives excellent scores on end user satisfaction surveys. The DST follows up with end users to ensure full issue resolution.

* 2. The DST adheres to the company’s internal policies and procedures, including work schedules, dress code, and communication expectations.

* 3. The DST takes responsibility for effective and timely installation and management of desktop and laptop hardware and software, network-attached printers, copiers, scanners, and fax devices and locally attached printers, storage devices and miscellaneous peripherals.

* 4. The DST has a work plan for every day and communicates that plan to his/her onsite supervisor.

* 5. Upon arrival, the DST checks in with the onsite supervisor, remains visible and available
throughout the day, and checks out upon departure.

* 6. The DST makes sure to keep all stakeholders informed about planned activities, status of requests and ongoing issues, and unplanned schedule changes.

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