* 1. Where are you from?

* 2. How did you hear about Fiddle Hell 2017? Please mark all answers that apply.

* 3. What instrument(s) do you play regularly?

* 4. What are the main styles that you play? Please select as many as you like.

* 5. What is your level as a fiddler (or other musician)?

* 6. How did the Westford Regency venue work for you? Do you have suggestions about logistics to make Fiddle Hell better?

* 7. Which teachers or sessions stood out as particularly helpful and enjoyable? Why?

* 8. Which teachers or sessions didn't meet your expectations? Why not?

* 9. How do you regard the Fiddle Hell fees, compared to the value you get from Fiddle Hell?

* 10. What additional sessions would you like? Are there new workshop leaders you recommend who live within driving distance? What did you think of the new sessions for instruments other than fiddle? Any more suggestions on how we can make Fiddle Hell better for you? We're listening... :-)

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