1. OCA Member Survey

Thank you for participating in the OCA member survey. This information will help us focus our energy as a member organization. It should take no longer than 4 minutes to complete the questions.

Click "Next" to get started with the survey. If you'd like to leave the survey at any time, just click "Exit this survey". Your answers will be saved

* 1. Please tell us your age.

* 2. Please rate OCA's performance on customer service in the last two years. (for example: prompt answers to your queries, courteous staff members, your issues resolved in timely manner)

* 3. What is the maximum price you would be willing to pay per issue for a subscription to Cycle Ontario Magazine?

* 4. Would you support a shift to an electronic version of Cycle Ontario Magazine?

* 5. If you could improve an aspect of an event that you have participated in, what would that be?

* 6. How would you describe the OCA's enforcement of cycling rules and regulations?

* 7. If made available, what kind of OCA brand clothing would you be interested in purchasing?

* 8. What is your opinion of ability based categories for road racing?

* 9. What would you like the OCA to change or improve on? Please be specific with your answer.

* 10. What do you think the OCA's most pressing issue is?

* 11. Are you familiar with the Canadian Cycling Association's long-term athlete development model?

* 12. Are you familiar with the new streams of coaching that the CCA has developed?

* 13. Would you be willing to be involved in a focus group to analyze long-term athlete development and the Ontario Cycling system?

* 14. What do you think Ontario needs to do to get more people involved with cycling?

* 15. Are you familiar with all of the sports of cycling that the OCA governs?

* 16. Did you attend the Elliot Lake road event in 2008?

* 17. If no, why? What would be required to gain your participation?

* 18. Did you attend the 2008 Cycling Celebration?

* 19. What changes would you like to see for the 2009 Cycling Celebration?

Thank You! Your input is much appreciated.