Join us in January the first 3 Sunday nights to study and discuss "The Road to Peace" as a section. "The Road to Peace" is an awesome study on forgiveness and trust authored by Rich Shurtz.  Our goal in doing it together is several fold:
1.  Help us all to experience God working in our lives in a real way
2.  Help us to continue to heal as a section and as a church
3.  Help build stronger relationships across our small groups; and by sharing together hopefully help strengthen our small groups at the same time
4.  Setup to support the Willow small group launch at the end of January.
5.  Create an opportunity for people looking to get into a small group to “get a taste” without a big commitment.

This will be a great opportunity to dive into scripture and discuss its implications to our lives, and the lives of the church, in community.  Perfect for existing small groups, as well as those of you looking to get into a small group.  We anticipate launching new small groups out of this in support of Willow's overall main stage program coming in late January.

We'll be meeting at Willow, room B/207.  Just come in the Chapel entrance, and turn left and you'll find us.  Timing will be 6:00-8:00 on Sunday January 6, 13, and 20.

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