UC Student Government is leading a letter-writing campaign to Ohio Governor-elect Kasich. If you choose to sign this letter electronically, your letter will be sent to the Governor-elect with an indication that you have electronically signed it. Thank you for your consideration and support of higher education in Ohio!
Governor-elect Kasich,

As a student at the University of Cincinnati, I wanted to take the opportunity to write you and to request that you prioritize higher education and financial aid spending in your upcoming budget. The bi-partisan support that higher education has received over the last several years has helped to keep tuition affordable for me and for my family. State supported financial aid is a major factor in this as well. As Ohio continues down the path of economic recovery, it is critical that our government continue to invest in Ohio’s future, its college students. As you craft the State’s budget, please continue Ohio’s rich tradition of bi-partisan support for higher education. I assure you that this investment in our future is critical for the success of Ohio. Our generation is ready to positively contribute to our state and to help Ohio continue to flourish.

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