Strategic Plan Survey

The Keyport Free Public Library Board of Trustees is seeking your feedback for our Strategic Plan. These questions are meant to give us information on how to make improvements to the library. We are endeavoring to better serve the needs of the Keyport community.

* 1. Do you presently have a library card from Keyport Public Library?

* 2. On average, how often do you visit Keyport Public Library?

* 3. How important are each of the following Keyport Public Library Services to you? Please select "Very Important," "Somewhat Important," or "Not Important" for each service.

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Borrowing materials (books, DVDs, audio, etc)
Reference help (research assistance from librarians)
Programs (classes, ESL, story & craft, events, etc)
Computer & printer access
Assistance with computer use & printing
Internet access
ILL (inter-library loan)
Online services (library website/social media, online catalog, research databases, apps)
Photocopier/fax machine access
Newspapers & magazines

* 4. What would you improve about the library's collections, services, or facilities?

* 5. Do you have any other comments, suggestions, or feedback?