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Direct Selling SHIFT, a new podcast from DSN, offers a safe and inspiring environment where experts and direct selling high performers can openly share their most powerful SHIFTS, helping to accelerate their business and our channel today.

It's hosted by Blake Mallen, a billion-dollar brand builder and sought‑after advisor, strategist and community marketing expert with over two decades of field, ownership and executive experience in the direct selling industry. Blake is passionate about the power of potential and works with companies and communities to make the SHIFTS needed to discover and develop theirs.

DSN has developed an engaged community spanning over 1,000 direct selling companies, more than 9,000+ direct selling corporate executives and hundreds of channel supplier companies across the globe.

And now—for the first time—with the launch of the Direct Selling SHIFT podcast, DSN is bringing this same level of visibility and credibility directly to the channel's largest and most important audience—the global distributor community.

All approved shows will be published on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast and Audible and will be promoted across DSN podcasts, website and social channels, including YouTube, events, emails and more.

We're looking for two types of field leaders to provide diverse perspectives on today's direct selling market.

Guest Type A:
Top Earner/Mega Leader
Still personally active and in current credibility
40+ in age
More than 5 years in the channel

Guest Type B:
Rising Star Leader
Early adopters of current trends
35 or younger in age
Less than 5 years in the channel


The show attracts a variety of direct selling entrepreneurs from around the world. Generally, they fall into 1 of 3 categories:

Successful High Performers and full-timers looking to stay relevant and plugged into current trends—what's next; what's working; and what's not.

Part-Time / Spare-Time Distributors ranging from those just getting started to "rising stars" looking for keys to success as they build a team and grow as leaders.

Information Seekers, including skeptics—anyone curious about direct selling and what it's all about.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This podcast attracts listeners across many companies, product and service categories and countries. It is designed to be high value and a safe space for our entire audience, as well as something listeners will want to share with others who can benefit from the conversations freely.
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