Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey about Digital Stories. We want to make this platform as user-friendly and engaging as possible and we are eager to hear from you. Your input will help inform our relaunch of the platform this fall. By completing this survey you will enter a chance to win an exhibition catalogue for our latest exhibition, Casanova: The Seduction of Europe.

Before you complete this survey, please make sure that you have experienced at least one Digital Story (Digital Stories are available here). Thank you!

1. What is your motivation for reading Digital Stories? Select the two that best describe you.

2. Digital Stories provide me with fun facts that I might share at a party or social gathering.

3. I would prefer the tone of future Digital Stories to be:

4. After reading the Digital Stories, I feel more comfortable with:

Scale: 1=strongly disagreeĀ  7=strongly agree

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Deciphering the works in the exhibition
Connecting the exhibition to current events
Connecting the exhibition to my prior knowledge
Discussing the exhibition with friends
Thinking about art from multiple points of view

5. How likely are you to recommend Digital Stories to a friend or colleague?
(1 being "I will never recommend" and 10 being "I will definitely recommend")

6. Please describe what you like and do not like about Digital Stories.