The DSG Cares Fund ("Fund") has been created as a last resort to help team members who are facing financial hardship because of a qualified event.

You are encouraged to read these complete instructions to understand the events eligible for assistance. A team member can only receive financial assistance once within a 12 month period (calendar year). In the case of a denied application, the team member is eligible to submit a new application (for a new event) after six months.

Team members should use available resources such as medical/life insurance, short/long term disability, personal savings, assistance from family members, etc. before applying for assistance. In the event of an unexpected and unavoidable emergency that creates a financial hardship, DSG team members may apply for assistance within the categories of eligible events.

**** Grants will not be awarded for expenses including, but not limited to, legal fees, insured property losses, insurable medical conditions, any deductibles required by insurances, any insurance copayments, bills unrelated to the qualified event, bills with service dates over 120 days prior to the application date, non-essential items or services, etc. ***

Subject to income limitations described below, a qualified team member is one who is:
* Employed by DSG or one of its entities working and residing in the U.S.; and,
* Actively employed or on approved leave of absence for no more than one year.

Applications to the Fund are submitted to and reviewed by the DSG Cares Committee and will be treated in a confidential manner. Non-identifying statistical information will be reported to DSG Executives and team members on a periodic basis. Fully complete applications will be reviewed within five (5) business days.

The Application Review
The committee will not consider incomplete applications. Applications must be submitted within 120 days of a qualifying incident.
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