* 1. In what housing addition do you live, if any?

* 2. How long have you lived in your current residence?

* 3. Where was your previous residence?

* 4. Why did you leave your prior residence?

* 5. If you're new to Tuttle, why did you move here?

* 6. In the last few years, do you think the population in Tuttle has been:

Questions 7-12 should be answered using the following scale:
Excellent      Good      Fair      Poor

* 7. The way the streets and roads are kept. Would you say this is____.

* 8. The public school system. Would you say this is____ .

* 9. Police protection. Would you say this is____.

* 10. Parks and other recreational facilities. Would you say this is____.

* 11. Grocery stores and other shopping opportunities. Would you say this is____.

* 12. How would you rate the performance of Tuttle's government in solving problems in your community? Would you say this is____.

* 13. How satisfied are you with each of the following:

  Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Dissatisified Very Dissatisfied
The neighborhood in which you live?
The government services you receive (utilities, trash removal, parks and recreational facilities, etc.) 

* 14. In what city do you work?

* 15. How do you commute to work?

* 16. On an average day, how long does it take to commute to work?

* 17. On an average day, how much of a problem is traffic congestion on your way to and from work?

* 18. For how long have you commuted along this route to work?

* 19. Over the time you have commuted to work, do you think the traffic problem has gotten:

* 20. Do you do the majority of your grocery shopping in Tuttle?

* 21. What types of retail developments should be encouraged in Tuttle?

* 22. What types of commercial developments should be discouraged in Tuttle?

* 23. What one item would you like to see the City of Tuttle improve?

* 24. What do you value most about the Tuttle community?

* 25. During the past few years, Tuttle generally has:

* 26. If you could change one thing about Tuttle, what would it be?

* 27. Other Thoughts and Concerns