Mackay, Whitsundays, Isaac

Reef Catchments would like you to provide information onĀ feral, stray & domestic cat populations in the region.

* 1. Have you seen or do you know of any cats living wild?

* 2. Have you noticed any cat droppings near your property (feral cats don’t bury their faeces)?

* 3. Have you see evidence of stray or feral cats, such as  burrows or dens around your property?

* 4. Have you seen any animals you believe have been killed or harmed by cats?

* 5. Are you concerned about the impact of cats on native wildlife in your area?

* 6. Do you own a cat?

* 7. Please provide your contact information in case we would like to ask you more questions about your responses;

* 8. If you have any other comments or feedback you would like to provide please do so here;