2017 Summer Reading Program Survey

Please take a few minutes for this survey regarding the effectiveness of our Summer Reading Program.  Rate each statement on a scale of 1 to 5, with “1” being that you “strongly disagree” and “5” being “strongly agree", or by choosing the answer(s) that most clearly indicates your response.


* 1. The library's SRP is an integral part of my/my child's summer plans.

* 2. I/my child intend to apply something learned from SRP programming.

* 3. My/my child's involvement in SRP activities was facilitated by:

* 4. Which programs were you most likely to attend/ best served your or your child's needs?

* 5. How do you usually hear about Library programs?

* 6. What are factors that may have prevented you/your child from fully participating in Library programs?

* 7. Please share any additional thoughts regarding our Summer Reading Program.