Please note companies must be an active DSA Supplier in order to be eligible for this award.

In addition to this entry, you must have three nominations, from DSA Active Direct Selling Members, submitted before the awards entry deadline of midnight ET on March 21. These nominations can be submitted here: Partnership Nomination Form

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* 5. Provide a summary of why you deserve this award in 200 words or less. This description will be used for the awards gala program, website, and judging overview materials. The description should quickly convey the most important points about your program, using the judging criteria as a guide. Describe how your comapny has established an ongoing relationship with one or more active DSA Direct Selling Members. Please note: This summary is NOT your entry. To be eligible to win an award you will need to provide further information about the program in the three page PDF you will upload as your entry.

* 6. Please upload your three page entry here.

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