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* 1. How do you feel about the future in general?

* 2. According to many ancient prophets and notoriously the mayan calendar, wordly renowed for it's amazing accuracy (it can predict the coming of comets and such, yet to the present day)), the world is coming to an end, the apocalypse, planned exactly for the December 21 2012. Do you beleive this is true, if you take into account the many ecological threats (global warming, Polar icecap melting, etc) all over the world?

* 3. The tensions seems to be rising again between the USA and Russia. Russia recently announced that it's military budget would increase by 25% by 2009. Do you think this could be the beginning of the second episode of the Cold War? That this could turn out into an all out war, even?

* 4. How do you think the global warming will change our planet and change our lifestyle?

* 5. How do you invision the world 50 years in the future?

* 6. Do you think there is a limit to the evolution of technology in domains such as electronics, communications, etc? If so, where do you think the limit will be?

* 7. Do you think religion will be a major issue or factor in the years to come? That it will affect how the future will happen?

* 8. Which of these do you think is the most likely to happen soon:

* 9. Which is these do you think is the best candidate to replace fosil fuels as a mass produced energy source, world-wide? (not only in quebec)

* 10. In many Science fiction works, we can see one thing they almost have in common: in most of them, humankind conquered space, made commercial traveling in the vacuum possible and where about anyone could own a small spaceship. In many such works also, humankind often was forced to exile itself in space to survive. Do you think this could possibly become a reality? Why?