1. Prince George's County Budget Survey

I have adapted County Councilman Tom Dernoga's (District 1)r ecent emailed questions to his constituents regarding the upcoming budget. I'll publish the results within the next two weeks.

* 1. Please rank the following broad categories in order of importance to you.

  Highly important to me Moderate importance to me Low importance to me No opinion
Education (schools, libraries)
Transportation (roads, transit)
Public Safety (police, fire, ems)
Courts (criminal justice, corrections)
Human Services (youth, aging, poor)
Health Services (hospital system)

* 2. If new revenue is needed to maintain or improve county services, how would you prefer it to be raised? Please indicate your preferences.

  Approve of this method I'll go along with this if we really need it I don't like it but ok No way I'll ever agree to this No opinion
Property taxes
Auxiliary taxes e.g., on telephone or cellphone
User fees
Sales tax
State income tax

* 3. How much funding should the County put into the Hospital System?

* 4. How should the County pay for Hospital funding? Cut programs? Raise Taxes? Use reserves?

* 5. The County Executive has proposed raising the Telephone Tax to fund the school system – Should we raise taxes? How much? Should citizens be allowed to vote on a referendum as suggested by the Charter?

* 6. Which Capital projects for Schools, Roads, Libraries, Fire Stations, etc. are the highest priorities?

* 7. Which agencies should get additional funding? Which agency budget should be reduced to provide that additional funding?

* 8. Are there new initiatives that the County Council should consider implementing?

* 9. Other advice to the Councilman?