* 1. We appreciate your time to complete this brief survey. Your responses will assist the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce (HRCC) to provide you with membership information and services that benefit you most. The questionnaire is completely confidential and you do not need to give any personal details whatsoever. If you do provide us with your name and contact information, you will be entered to win HRCC Value Bucks that can be used to attend a business event of your choice. (The deadline to be considered for HRCC Value Bucks is Friday, September 7, 2012.) Thank you!

* 3. How many employees currently work for your organization?

* 4. How often do you attend HRCC events?

* 5. If you do not attend events, why not?

* 6. What types of events would you be interested in attending?

* 7. What meeting times are most convenient for you? (which are you most likely to attend?)

* 8. Are there ways HRCC can better meet your needs? Please explain.

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