* 1. Compared to other school districts in this area of the state, how would you rate the quality of education provided in #ISD 318?

* 2. How closely have you followed discussions about a long-range plan for investing in our elementary schools in Grand Rapids and Cohasset?

For each of these statements, please mark whether you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree with them. If you aren’t sure, please mark that answer.

* 3. Teachers will be more effective if they have adequate space and modern technology in their classrooms.

* 4. After 60-70 years, it makes sense that a school district would consider replacing a building rather than continuing to spend money on repairs or remodel it.

* 5. Education really hasn’t changed than much in the last 20-30 years.

* 6. A good elementary school includes places for kids to play that are protected from neighborhood traffic. 

* 7. Every school should have secure entrances that prevent people from entering the building during the school day without anyone’s knowledge.

* 8. The investments we make in improving our school buildings should not use the money that is set aside for classroom education.

* 9. The school board should keep working to find the right plan for improving our school buildings.

* 10. As you think about what might be included in the ISD #318 Long-Range Plan for our school buildings, what are the two most important questions that you need answers for?