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* 1.
We respect your privacy, contact details will only be used to follow up with your free analysis.

* 2.
Do you integrate "downloadable white papers", "user-reviews", "quizzes" or "surveys" to gather data about potential customers on your website?

* 3.
Are visitors able to bookmark, like, share or retweet your website pages?

* 4.
Do you have a LinkedIn profile and/or do you belong to any other online Industry Groups?

* 5.
Do you Tweet on Twitter about special offers or other business-related activities?

* 6.
Have you published pictures or videos of your products or services on Online Video and/or Photo-Sharing sites?

* 7.
Does anyone within your company blog about your products, services, attractions or local events?

* 9.
Do you have an email newsletter that potential customers can sign-up for on your website?

* 11. List 3 of your competitors websites

* 12. How did you hear about Michelle Hummel?