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Evaluating Local Government Consultation
The Rate Payers Association of Victoria in partnership with OurSay welcomes your feedback on the performance of you local council's consultation activities on rate capping policy.
What is rate capping?
The Victorian State Government is committed to a policy of 'capping' local government rate increases at CPI to contain the cost of living and ensure greater accountability and transparency in local government.

The new "Fair Go Rates System" will ensure rates are 'capped' at a level that allows local councils to continue to be financially sustainable, while still being able to provide essential services and making necessary investments in infrastructure.

Under the new system Councils can make an application to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) for an exemption from the cap. Councils applying to the ESC for an increase in rates beyond the cap will require evidence as to how the views of ratepayers and the community have been taken into account in proposing the higher cap.

21 Councils have signalled their intent to apply for a rate variation and if your council is one of these it is of utmost importance that you take this survey.  To see if your council has signalled their intent please Click Here.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important to help check that your council has properly engaged with you, as a ratepayer, that meets the Essential Services Commission (ESC)'s high standard of community engagement if and when a council applies for a variation from capped rates.
A survey to understand the performance of community consultation
We are hosting a survey to understand how well your council has engaged with you on important decisions, for example the adoption of annual budgets, and where applicable, consultation about increasing rates beyond the cap.  

Findings from this survey will be used to:
1. inform Essential Services Commission about the quality of consultation undertaken by councils seeking a rate capping variation.
2. provide additional information to Local Government Victoria (LGV) and the Local Government Minister in their review of the Local Government Act. 
3. report results to your local council in hopes that they will take the results on board and improve their consultation process.

Please note, we will not disclose your personally identifiable information to any third party without your prior consent, unless compelled to do so by law.

Please complete the survey and forward this email to anyone who you know who would be interested in participating. 
Ratepayers Victoria President:  Jack Davis
Project Coordinators  Chan Cheah/Joe Lenzo
Website: ratepayersvictoria.com.au
Email: ratepayersvictoria@outlook.com

OurSay Project Director:  Matthew Gordon
Website: OurSay.org