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Carry On Luggage
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Waxed Leather Luggage
Wheeled Duffels
Wheeled Luggage

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Carry On Luggage - http://pielleather.com/shop/index.php/travel/duffels-carry-ons.html
Duffel Bag Luggage - http://www.rothco.com/category/rothco-bags-and-packs/military-duffle-bags-cargo-bags
Mini Suitcase Luggage - http://www.r-i-inc.com/mini-suitcases
Waxed Leather Luggage - http://leadersinleather.net/waxed-leather-luggage/
Wheeled Duffels - http://jworldstore.com/shop/jworld-travel/wheel-duffel-bag
Wheeled Luggage - http://stores.muskamilano.com/luggage/