This survey is an opportunity for the public to vote on cost-efficiency suggestions proposed by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) employees.

TxDOT has not endorsed any of the cost-efficiency suggestions or evaluated the merits of the suggestions. TxDOT will evaluate the feedback it receives from the public and each suggestion may or may not be implemented.

Please indicate whether you agree, disagree, or are neutral on each of the proposed suggestions.

TxDOT values the public input. We appreciate you taking the time to complete our brief survey.

* 1. Consider installing automatic lights in restrooms and other areas that may have longer periods of time between uses.

* 2. Automate all the forms needed to do our job functions.  This would be an efficiency and automate existing processes.

* 3. Create a frequently asked questions, along with easy to follow instructions to fix common laptop and desktop problems.  This would save cost and time on help desk requests.