2019 Grant Application Instructions

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Since 2014, funds have been allocated toward quality-of-life enhancements for the Duwamish River area that can be implemented in partnership with King County, the Port of Seattle, and community stakeholders. Known as the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund (DROF), it is intended to enhance existing programs and support new programs focused on challenges faced by Duwamish River communities. DROF is one component of a broader City effort to improve the quality of life and restore the health of Duwamish River communities. The total amount of funding available in 2019 for the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund is $250,000. Groups can request up to $40,000 in funds to support their project application and proposal.

  • Community groups, organizations and businesses are encouraged to apply.
  • Government agencies are not eligible to apply.
  • Groups that have received two consecutive years of DROF funding are not eligible to apply in this cycle. Groups become eligible again at the beginning of the next grant cycle.
  • Awards will not be made to individuals.
  • Groups that apply cannot have any open DROF projects at the time of grant submission.
Although not required, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) to discuss the proposed project to:
  • INFORM the Department of Neighborhoods of your intent to apply.
  • Get ADVICE about developing the project idea, especially if it may require the involvement of other public or private agencies.
  • Get ANSWERS to questions and learn about the funding opportunity.
If funded, the grantee will be responsible to develop a workplan to submit as part of the contracting process which includes information such as month by month project activities, deliverables, timeline and monthly budgeting estimates. Grantees are required to submit invoicing and progress reports on a monthly basis as well as one final report and/or presentation at the end of the project period.

WORKSHOPS: Applicants are encouraged to attend a pre-proposal workshop. This will be an opportunity to discuss the RFP, ask questions, and understand the process for review, approval, and contracting. Date/time, and location will be published on the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund website along with current program details and updates.

INSTRUCTIONS: Carefully read over application instructions as they have changed for 2019. Please contact the Department of Neighborhoods should you have any questions via email at drof@seattle.gov, or you may contact Teresa Bui directly at teresa.bui@seattle.gov or (206) 256-5947.

Unless otherwise noted, all sections under the application and proposal are required. An application must include responses to each of the sections and can be supported by no more than one attachment no more than two pages in length. Please make note of other required documents as part of your application package.

If information is missing or not included, an application will be considered “incomplete” and will not be eligible for funding. Applications are due by August 12 at 5:00 pm. Please follow instructions for submission requirements and send completed application materials to drof@seattle.gov by the deadline date. The department anticipates notifying applicants of decisions by the end of October 2019.