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* 1. Allowing employees in certain positions to telecommute

"I believe we should allow employees in certain positions to work from home (not me). Our unit recently lost a highly qualified employee because her commute to work took hours every day. If she had been allowed to work from home I believe that this could have been prevented. Employees who do the majority of their work in their office on computers, like analysts or auditors, could work from home 30-32 hours and then come to the office one day a week. This would save the OAG countless hours in sick time (for the employee and their coworkers), parking/office space (especially downtown), save money (office supplies, cars, utility costs, etc.), gain new employees, and increase their employees morale as well. Other state agencies already do this and have reaped the benefits. I think that the main concern people have against employees working from home is that their productivity will drop. Studies show this is often not the case though. However, the OAG can easily audit their home employees computer usage and conduct other measures of productivity as a precaution.."