About the Research Data Stewardship Award

The Future of Privacy Forum seeks to recognize data sharing between companies and academic researchers. FPF believes personal data held by corporate actors is an underutilized part of the research data landscape and that successful partnerships between them should be celebrated as exemplars in the business and research communities.  

The Future of Privacy Forum will review nominations holistically, paying special attention to:
  • How much the research leads to generalizable knowledge or public benefit;
  • The quality of the data sharing process, based on: use of privacy protections, security of data sharing processes, or overcoming challenges to effective data sharing;
  • Demonstration of the company’s commitment to supporting independent research;
  • How the project overcame challenges to effective data sharing.

Information submitted through this survey will be used by members of the Future of Privacy Forum staff and selected external reviewers to evaluate the research project against the criteria listed above. Otherwise, we will hold your submissions in confidence and will not share information about this project, personnel, or data shared without your express permission.

Researcher teams must include at least one person from an accredited college or university located in the US, UK, EU nations, or Israel. Researchers can come from any classification of employment such as tenured/tenure-track faculty, clinical or research faculty, adjunct or affiliate faculty, staff, or graduate students. A winning research team should choose a single member of the team to accept the award, and that individual must be available to receive the award and offer remarks during the award ceremony.

A research product demonstrating the use of the personal data must be made available to the review committee. Research products can include: conference papers or posters presented at research-focused meetings (trade meetings not included), articles published in a refereed journal, articles under review and available on preprint archives, or papers with code and all needed documentation for replication.

Information about the data shared and the research project(s) completed with that data are needed to complete this nomination form. This information can be provided by representatives from either the research team, the data sharing partner, or both, and it must be submitted with the full knowledge and consent of both the research team and the data sharing partner. If we have questions about your application, we will use the contact information you provide to ask clarifying questions about your application to help us in the award decision process. If you have questions about how to complete this form, concerns about the appropriateness of a project for nomination, or other general inquiries, please contact Shea Swauger at sswauger@fpf.org. 
*Indicates a required answer. If you’re unsure about an answer, feel free to skip the question. If you have questions or want to discuss your project or application for any reason, please contact Shea Swauger at sswauger@fpf.org.