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1) IT2Rail interoperability framework (IF) is a web of transportation based on the semantic interoperability technology that includes different transport actors to introduce multimodal door-to-door seamless journey experience.

2) IF Assets are artefacts that were identified by the IT2Rail project as important artefacts of the IF. They are Ontology and other assets (e.g. web service descriptors, business rules and processes, schemes and mappings, data sets)

3) IF Assets manager is an IT2Rail semantic assets manager, the primary goal of which is to maintain a shared repository of assets. It developed by IT2Rail project is built on top of the open-source WSO2 Governance Registry that provides three primary functions: management console (a web application including a workflow process toll that supports the collaborative management of the published assets, i.e. reviews, discussions, versioning, approval, distribution, etc.), publisher (a web application through which owners/contributors make informational assets available to the community), and store (an organised web repository of digital assets accessible by any participant organisation, human actor or application)

More information regarding the IF you will find here.

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