Throughout 2022 Volunteering Australia has been leading a co-design journey to create a National Strategy for Volunteering. The information, ideas and feedback we received throughout our Discovery Phase and from our Visioning Workshops was used to develop a Draft National Strategy.
We are now seeking feedback on the draft as we move towards finalising the National Strategy by the end of the year. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

If you would like to read the survey questions in advance click here. The survey will prompt you to identify whether you would like to provide general feedback or more extensive feedback. If you are interested in providing general feedback the survey will immediately take you to question 20. If you would like to provide detailed feedback you will be presented with all questions. 

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Draft National Strategy for Volunteering Overview

<span style="font-size: 24pt;"><strong><span style="color: #e2133d;">Draft National Strategy for Volunteering Overview</span></strong></span>

Volunteering illuminates the path to a better Australia

  • where participation is easy and everyone feels empowered to make a contribution,
  • where diversity is recognised, celebrated, and supported in all its forms,
  • where individual and collective potential is realised,
  • where problem-solving is person-centred and community-led, and,
  • where communities thrive.

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* 1. Does this vision resonate with you?

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* 2. Would you change anything about the vision?

The Draft National Strategy for Volunteering identifies three focus areas. Each focus area is underpinned by a strategic objective and a series of systemic shifts. The systemic shifts are the changes that are required to achieve our ten year vision and the strategic objectives.

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* 3. Would you like to provide feedback on the focus areas, strategic objectives, and systemic shifts?
You can provide feedback against as many or as few systemic shifts as you like. There is space at the end of the survey to provide general feedback or comments.