1. Information

I’d like my details added to Your Area, Enquire’s online map of local youth clubs and services in Scotland at http://www.enquire.org.uk/yp/your-area

Working in partnership with local organisations is a vital part of Enquire’s work. We are keen to hear from projects working with children and young people from diverse backgrounds.

If your club/service
- is ongoing
- does disclosure checks on staff and has a policy on supervising staff
- does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, gender or religion

then it can go on the directory. It's as simple as that!

A few words about filling in this form:
- Don’t worry if you can’t tick many of the boxes. Just tick those that are relevant.
- In the sections where you have a chance to add further details, please keep it brief! We’d love to hear more about your project, but we can only put a limited amount of info onto your online profile.
- Where you do decide to add further details, please aim for a simple, friendly tone that will speak directly to children and young people.

Try to avoid jargon and technical terms.
- If you would like this form in alternative languages/formats, please contact us on 0131 222 2425 or e-mail info@enquire.org.uk

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