Outreach Survey 2017 (Thank you for participating)

Most people agree that Christianity is vital to a community. For centuries “the House of God” played a central role in community development. We believe that if more people would attend church, our community would be a safer place. We are conducting a fact-finding survey for the benefit and betterment of our community. To do so, we will need your input.   

* 1. Tell me about yourself:

* 2. Where do you currently get your news about national politics? (Check all that apply)

* 3. How strongly do you believe that government policies affects your core value?

* 4. How strongly do you believe that government policies and world events are in sync with the bible?

* 5. Where you aware that United States and Great Britain are referenced in the bible? (Daniel 7: 4)

* 6. An ideal church is a place where everybody belongs. In the following, rank order of importance (1 thru 4).

* 7. Why do you think fewer people attend church today?

* 8. I can show you an easy way to understand the bible. It will take about an hour. Are you intested?

* 9. What would you like for us to pray for?