* 1. Do you see your department, program, essential work functions within the proposed values?

We, the faculty, staff, administration and students of Clover Park Technical College prioritize these primary values:

1. We value Shared Governance as a communication tool and decision-making protocol that enhances cooperation and interdependence among all levels and members of the institution, including students, where appropriate. Shared Governance requires a commitment from each individual and each organizational unit to provide :
a. Transparency in decision-making
b. Equity in participation
c. A democratic process and the use of creative conflict
d. High standards of integrity
e. Continual collaboration

2. We value our commitment to an inspiration and nurturance of an accessible environment that fosters the development of individuals and organizational units and their contributions to the fulfillment of the institution’s mission and goals through the use of emerging technologies, flexible learning and gathering spaces, and access to resources for data-driven decision-making.

3. We value success for every student and the provision of multiple, diverse pathways that enable goal completion and stimulate an ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of learning for personal and professional reasons. Regardless of the pathway chosen, each student is exposed to instructional excellence, provided access to individualized resources, and supported through efficient and attentive customer service.

4. We value our commitment to produce socially responsible action that sustains our college community and partnerships physically, culturally, and academically day-by-day and for the future. By our policies, programming, and extra-curricular activities, we strive to maintain a dynamic balance between our college community, the local and regional economies, and the ecosystem.

* 2. How could the Values more clearly reflect the work you do?