Beaverton is looking for a City Manager who will lead current efforts and help us become the city we want to be. The City Manager is appointed by, reports to, and serves at the pleasure of the City Council and provides administrative direction and leadership to all city departments.

We want you to participate in the search and share your preferences for city leadership. Please take this brief survey so that City Council is able to choose the person that’s best for Beaverton.

Question Title

* 1. How important are the desired qualities of a new City Manager (please rank least important to most important)?

Least Important
(2) (3) (4) (5)
Most Important
A deep commitment to racial equity
Strong emotional intelligence and a commitment to ethics across the organization
History of developing and fostering effective relationships with Mayor and City Council
Strong ability to develop effective partnerships among various departments and external stakeholders
A compassionate leader who is willing to listen to and learn from colleagues at all levels of the organization
Communications experience, specifically to ensure an effective flow of communication between Council, staff, partners, and the community
Drive to support authentic community engagement with the ability to create meaningful collaborations with social service partners
Prioritizes sustainability and environmental stewardship
Leverages best practices with an eye towards efficiency
25% of survey complete.