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About You and you art

In this first section, it's all about you and what you create!

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* 1. How long ago diid you begin creating art? (It's ok if it's off-and-on, life happens.)

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* 2. What medium do you create with most often?

  Never Rarely Occasionally Fairly often Most often
Colored Pencil
Alcohol inks
Alcohol markers
Pen and ink
Watercolor (inks, paints, markers or pencils)
Mixed media

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* 3. What kind of art do you usually create?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
Home decor
Bible or art journaling
Greeting cards
Fine art (paintings, drawings)
Sketches (in-studio or in the field)

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* 4. How much time do you spend per week creating?

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* 5. How easy or difficult is it for you to create? 

  Disagree Disagree partially Agree partially Agree N/A
I've always got ideas and am ready to create
I often struggle with a blank piece of paper
I get excited by new art supplies
I need another art example to copy for motivation
I just don't have enough time to create all my ideas
I get frustrated that my skills don't match my vision
I'm motivated to create when I take classes

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* 6. My favorite part about creating is... 

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