Feminist and Women's Archive Network: FLA

FLA was set up at the first Feminist Libraries and Archive gathering which took place at Nottingham Women's Centre on the 14th and 15th February 2014.
The meeting was advertised widely and the following Libraries and Archives were represented at the meeting, The Feminist Library; The Feminist Archive North; Women's Liberation Music Archive; Unfinished Histories; Nottingham Women's Centre and Dr Sara de Jong, from Amsterdam.
We also received apologies from seven further interested organisations.
The gathering provided a platform to share ideas, experiences and resources and led to the decision to set up a feminist and women's archives and libraries network.

It was decided to send out a survey to as many archives, libraries etc. which may hold a significant amount of information about women's history, to ensure the widest number of relevant people/organisations know about the network and can join us to help take this project forward.