The Collegiate Emerging Leader Award honors a SWE collegiate member who has demonstrated academic excellence in pursuit of an engineering related degree, has demonstrated outstanding leadership, and has consistently engaged with SWE. The award may be presented to one collegiate member annually.
  • Nominee must be a SWE Region H member in good standing at the time of the nomination.
  • Nominee must be a collegiate member of SWE at time of nomination.

Letters of Recommendations:

  • At least two (2) and no more than three (3) Letters of Recommendation
  • At least one letter must be from an officer of the collegiate section
  • At least one letter must be from a member of the collegiate section, the Collegiate Section Faculty Advisor, or a professional SWE member familiar with the nominee’s work with the collegiate section.
  • Note: Each letter must be on letterhead, be signed, and clearly state how (and for how long) the author knows the nominee.

  • Fill out the survey in its entirety
  • Responses are due by January 15, 2018
  • Send letters of recommendation to

* 1. Nominee Information:

Note:* Please include details for applicable degrees

* 2. Nominator Information:

* 3. Discuss the nominee’s active engagement in an engineering or technology field and achievements demonstrating leadership in her academic environment. This should include details on her leadership role, what responsibilities she had in this role, and tangible results of the project/team.

Note: Please limit response to 1,500 words or less

* 4. Discuss the nominee’s involvement in the community including the leadership roles held in community activities, including SWE. Emphasis should be given to activities in which the nominee was leading an event or activity.

Note: Please limit response to 1,500 words or less