Fall 23 Courses

1.Abundant Abstinence
Are you new in recovery? Do you need help setting up your life and your food plan? This is the fine art of exquisite self-care, managing food, rest, exercise, support, and spirituality.
2.Creating Long Term Abstinence
Establish a recovery plan that really works for YOU.  Create long term abstinence full of peace,  success, joy, and freedom.
3.What you Say is What You Will Eat
Affirmations, self-talk, managing your food thoughts and handling the thoughts that sabotage your abstinence.
4.Slips, Stumbles and Triggers
Handling the hard spots and getting back to good abstinence. Identify relapse triggers and how to handle them.
5.Spirituality, Surrender, and Self-Care
How to establish these daily practices and create the life you really want.
Staying on track in the real world, and protecting yourself from harmful foods, people, and situations.
7.What time of day is best for you? (Eastern USA Time)