Substance: Biodegradable Biobased Mulch Film

Annotation: As defined in §205.2. Must be produced without organisms or feedstock derived from excluded methods.

§ 205.2: A synthetic mulch film that meets the following criteria:

(1) Meets the compostability specifications of one of the following standards: ASTM D6400, ASTM D6868, EN 13432, EN 14995, or ISO 17088 (all incorporated by reference; see §205.3);

(2) Demonstrates at least 90% biodegradation absolute or relative to microcrystalline cellulose in less than two years, in soil, according to one of the following test methods: ISO 17556 or ASTM D5988 (both incorporated by reference; see §205.3); and

(3) Must be biobased with content determined using ASTM D6866 (incorporated by reference; see §205.3).

National List Citation: 7 CFR 205.601(b)(1)

NOP Policy Memo 15-1 (January 22, 2015): Biodegradable mulch film that contains non-biobased synthetic polymer feedstocks, such as petrochemical resins, does not comply with the USDA organic regulations. 

Sunset Date:10/30/2019
New Review Date - 2019 (review in 2017)