About the Survey

This survey is conducted to develop benchmark information to help Georgia manufacturers be more competitive and improve state business and technology services to industry. We appreciate your cooperation in making the 2018 survey a success.

    • In return for completing your survey, we will send a summary and customized report comparing your data with industry statistics.

    • All company information will be kept confidential. All individual firm and facility information will be kept in a secured, limited access location. Results will only be presented in an aggregated form. Your firm or facility’s identity will not be revealed in any publication or presentation of the results of this survey.

    • We understand you do not always keep exact records of all activities – estimates and rounding are fine.

    • This is the only copy sent to this facility. If there is another person at your location who can complete the survey, please forward this mailing to him or her.

  • Survey questions refer to this facility or plant.

  • Web-based survey is available at http://www.gms-ei2.org

Questions about the survey?
Contact: Jan Youtie, Enterprise Innovation Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology
Telephone: (404) 894-6111
Fax: (404) 894-8194
E-mail: jan.youtie@innovate.gatech.edu

Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute, School of Public Policy
Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Georgia Department of Labor
Kennesaw State University

Question Title

* Please enter the Project Number found in the return address on the first page of your paper copy of the Georgia Manufacturing Survey.

NOTE: The project number can be found on the first page of mail questionnaire in the section titled "Please return this survey in the enclosed postage-paid envelope within 10 days to:" or in your email from jan.youtie@innovate.gatech.edu.