Selected Posts on Belief, Desire, and Self-Knowledge

I'll be publishing a book of selected op-eds and blog posts.  I'd like to hear readers' opinions about which to include.  Below are some of my posts on belief, desire, and self-knowledge.  Click here to rate my posts on moral psychology and here to rate my posts on technology.  Future polls will cover posts on other themes such as consciousness, culture, cosmology, and meta-philosophy.

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Knowing What You Love
The Intrinsic Value of Self-Knowledge
Introspecting an Attitude by Introspecting Its Conscious Face
Introspective Attention as Perception with a Twist
Three Kinds of Transparency in Self-Knowledge (or Maybe 1 3/4 Kinds) and How the World Looks If You're Disagreeable
The Transparency of Warped Windows
Desiring, Valuing, and Believing Good: Almost the Same Thing
Do You Have Infinitely Many Beliefs about the Number of Planets?
Why In-Between Belief Is Worse Than In-Between Extraversion
Can the Skeptic Suspend All Belief?
The Best-Guess Phenomenon and Degree of Belief

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