We are looking for your input into the conversations that will shape the Community Engagement Charter.

This survey seeks information about your experience of engagement within the planning system and what you feel is important when engaging people and communities in planning decisions.

The feedback you provide will form part of the next Planning Together Panel workshop on 29-30 July. Please provide your responses by COB Tuesday 25 July.

* 1. Tell us about a time when you were engaged in a planning issue – specifically what did that engagement entail? (For example did you have the opportunity to attend a meeting, comment on a proposal, be part of the decision making process…??)

* 2. What is important to ensure when engaging the community, Council or other bodies in planning decisions? (For example, “engagement is done early”, “engagement is focused on the people it impacts most”)

* 3. What is important to avoid when engaging the community in planning decisions? (For example “angry town hall meetings where only a few get a say”, “rushing”)

* 4. What is your preferred method for engaging various people, planning bodies and/or communities on large planning decisions which affect their lives?

* 5. Did you understand why you were being engaged and what you were being asked to do?

* 6. Were your comments taken on board?

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