Preston City Council is seeking your comments on the publication version of the Preston local plan 2012-2026. At this stage of preparation of the local plan, we are only able to accept representations regarding whether the document is legally compliant and sound. Further guidance on this is provided at the back of this form.

The council has taken into consideration comments made at previous consultation stages when preparing this local plan. This is the version of the local plan the council wishes to submit to the Secretary of State for consideration and adoption. Any comments received will be forwarded to the Secretary of State for consideration at the Independent Examination.

The local plan can be viewed at COUNCIL WEBSITE PAGE
Data Protection Statement
The information you provide will be held and used by Preston Counil in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, to help in the preparation of the Preston Local Plan. Please note that all response received will be available for public inspection. This will include your name but the remainder of your personal details will remain confidential. Anonymous representations will not be accepted.
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Comments relating to the Preston Local Plan 2012-2026: Publication Version

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