2024 Sumitomo Metal Mining Oceania (SMMO) scholarship applications are now open!

Sumitomo Metal Mining Oceania (SMMO) and Northparkes Mines invite eligible students from the Central West to apply for the 2024 Sumitomo Metal Mining Oceania Scholarship.

Northparkes Mines recognise the importance of supporting students in the Central West, New South Wales (NSW) in order to give them the same opportunities for further education in comparison to their peers in metropolitan locations. Financial, geographical and other socio-economic barriers can impact student’s access and equity in relation to further educational opportunities and outcomes.

The three (3) Sumitomo Metal Mining Oceania Scholarship recipients will receive an award of $3,000. 

To be eligible for the Sumitomo Scholarship you must:
  • Reside within the Central West of New South Wales at the time of application;
  • Be accepted into university or studying at university;
  • Be under the age of 30 at the time of application;

Applications close Thursday 18th January 2024
PRIVACY STATEMENT: The collection of the applicant's personal information is necessary for the purpose of the Sumitomo Metal Mining Oceania Scholarship Program. Personal information will be used by Sumitomo and Northparkes Mines to assess eligibility, rank applications and to contact applicants. In the event that an applicant is successful in being awarded a Sumitomo Metal Mining Oceania Scholarship, personal information (e.g. full name and school) may be used on the Northparkes Mines website, Facebook page and in other related material.