March 22-23, 2021
Virtual Experience

The DPDK Summit APAC is a community event focused on software developers who contribute to or use DPDK. The event will include presentations on the latest developments in DPDK, as well as in-depth discussions on the topics that are of most interest to the DPDK open source community.
DPDK 亚太峰会将于2021年3月22-23日在线上举行,这是一场专为软件开发人员打造的社区活动,诚邀DPDK的使用者和贡献者参与本次线上峰会。活动内容包括介绍DPDK的最新发展,并就DPDK开源社区最感兴趣的话题进行深入讨论。

We will accommodate presentations in all languages, however, we request slides be in English. You may present in the language of your choice. 

Submissions must be received by January 22, 2021 at 23:59 

Call for Proposals (CFP) Opens: 23 November 2020
CFP Closes: 22 January 2021
CFP Notifications: 5 February 2021
Schedule Announcement: 9 February 2021
Slide Due Date: 8 March 2021
项目建议通知: 2021年2月5日
项目建议征集: 2021年1月22日
活动日期: 2021年3月22日至23日

2021 Suggested Presentation Topics:

- Enhancements and additions to DPDK libraries, functional or performance-wise

- New networking technologies and their applicability to DPDK
- 新的网络技术及其在DPDK中的适用性

- Hardware NIC capabilities and offloads
- 硬件网卡的功能和卸载

- Hardware datapath accelerators (compression, crypto, baseband, GPU, regex, etc)
- 硬件数据路径加速器(压缩、加密、基带、GPU、正则表达式等)

- Virtualization and container networking
- 虚拟化和容器网络

- Debug tooling (logging, tracing, telemetry, monitoring)
- 调试工具(记录、跟踪、遥测、监控)

- DPDK consumability (API/ABI compatibility, OS integration, packaging)
- DPDK consumability(API / ABI兼容性、OS集成、打包)

- Project infrastructure, security, testing
- 项目基础架构、安全性、测试

- Developer stories, technical challenges when integrating or developing with DPDK
- 开发者故事、DPDK集成或开发时遇到的技术挑战

- Feedback from usage and deployment of DPDK applications (OSS or proprietary)
- 使用和部署DPDK应用程序(OSS或专利)的反馈

Reminder: This is a community conference — so let's try to avoid blatant product and/or vendor sales pitches.

Question on submitting a proposal? Contact us at

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