Should bicycle helmets be mandatory?

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Bicycle Network has supported mandatory helmets since they were introduced in Australia in the early 1990s.

However, as Australia's biggest bike riding organisation with more than 50,000 members, we want to make sure that our position is relevant and aligned to community attitudes so we’re reviewing our stance.

At the end of the review we may or may not change our position on mandatory helmets — it depends on what we find.

We know there is evidence to support both sides of the mandatory bicycle helmet debate. In essence, the debate is whether:

  1. bicycle helmets should be mandatory because they reduce the risk of brain injury
  2. bicycle helmets should be optional because more people would ride a bicycle if helmets weren’t compulsory.

As part of our review, we’d love to hear from our members and the wider bike riding community.

In consideration with expert opinion and academic studies, the opinions expressed in this survey will form one important part of the material we consider in reviewing our position.