Our grant program offers $1,000 divided up among 3 local causes at each retail location for a total of $5,000 per quarter. Our program has slightly changed due to the coronavirus however we are still inviting the public to help determine how the funds will be distributed. We previously had kiosks set up at each location where patrons could deposit a token in the tube representing the cause of their choice.  We have removed the kiosks from the stores and we will now be offering this online poll where participants can vote for the cause they would like to support.  First, let us know which location you frequently shop at and second, place your vote after reviewing the various causes.  At the end of the quarter in September, we will calculate the funding amount that will be donated to each cause.  Thank you for participating!
If you would like to review descriptions of each cause before you place your vote - visit our website at the following link:
3rd Quarter Grant Recipient Descriptions

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* 1. Which location do you shop at?