Economic Development Plan

Eco Dev was formed in 2015 to collaboratively undertake the Almaguin Regional Business Retention and Expansion project (BR+E).  The three communities of McMurrich/Monteith, Magnetawan and Perry formed the EcoDev Committee to help uncover the needs of the community and implement initiatives to attract, retain and expand businesses. EcoDev continues to evolve to represent the needs of the communities to safeguard its growth and support future development.

To effectively achieve this goal,  EcoDev has developed a draft strategic plan and we want to hear from you to ensure that we are making sound informed decisions based on the needs of the communities. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and provide us with your thoughts on what is important to you.

* 1. Which option best describes you? (circle all that apply)

* 2. In which municipality do you live and/or work? (circle all that apply)

* 3. Please list 3 advantages and 3 challenges of being in your community.

* 4. Please rank your the three priorities by placing the number 1, 2, or 3 beside your three selections.
Goal #1- To Promote Regional Collaboration.

* 5. Goal #2- Attract new families, visitors, and businesses to the area through investment attraction.

* 6. Goal #3- Develop Tourism Opportunities Throughout the 3 Communities and the Region of Almaguin Highlands.

* 7. Goal #4- Encourage Business Development Through Support and Outreach.

* 8. Goal #5- Be the Voice of Businesses, Visitors and the Community.

* 9. Goal #6- Address Various Challenges with Regards to Community Services.

* 10. Do you feel our goals and objectives accurately address the challenges of your community that you listed in Question 3? If not, please provide some suggestions of how we might do so.