Infopeople is developing a new initiative around the topic of building an effective learning culture for library staff. This online learning program will be experiential in nature and flexible to accommodate busy library staff schedules. Unlike the typical online course, participants will register in teams of 3 – 5 from a single library or library system, and will do work individually and in groups. It will include a virtual mentoring component, and will focus on new delivery methods that are divided into bite-sized chunks. Anyone from a public library who would like to build a learning culture in their workplace is welcome to apply. No more than 10 teams will be selected for this pilot project. Interested in applying? Read on!

Information about the training
  • Learning will start in January 2017 and continue through June 2017.
  • Each team will be matched with a mentor for the length of the training.
  • Content will be developed and delivered by expert instructors.
  • Training will include both online and offline content and activities and be delivered through less traditional methods such as bite-sized learning, social media and multi-media.
Information about the application process
  • The application period is open from Nov 1 – Dec 2, 2016.
  • Accepted teams will be notified by December 9, 2016.
  • Acceptance will NOT be first come, first serve but will be based on pre-determined criteria to ensure diverse library sizes and geographic locations, etc.
  • You will be asked to confirm the support of your library management or director in order to participate.
  • Team fees are $500/team for CA residents and $600/team for outside CA. Teams must consist of 3–5 members, including the team lead.
  • As part of the application you will agree to be invoiced for the appropriate fee if your team is accepted.
For more information see the Building an Effective Learning Culture Initiative web page.